BBC Buses

Brisbane Bus Lines runs five chartered bus routes for Brisbane Boys’ College each morning and afternoon. All vehicles are air conditioned, equipped with seat belts and GPS tracking and carry only Brisbane Boys’ College students.

Bus Routes

Bus Routes can be found here and will commence on the first day of school term.

Arrival time at Brisbane Boys' College will be traffic dependent, however should be approximately 8.15am each morning. 

Departure time from Brisbane Boys' College will be no later than 3.20pm each afternoon (see map for bus departure locations). Arrival times at bus stops will be traffic and passenger dependent. 

Using the Service

Brisbane Boys' College requires every passenger to be registered prior to his first travel (once per school year). Please complete the Bus Registration Form AND purchase a Bus Pass. 

If your pick-up/drop-off bus stop does not appear on the BBC Bus Route maps as an official stop (eg. BT 19 Waterworks Road), DO NOT assume a new stop can be added to the route just by registering.

Bus stops are predetermined by the College. Should you wish to suggest an additional bus stop for consideration please email [email protected] with the suggested stop and route details.

Families have the option of purchasing a Term bus pass or a 20 Trip bus pass. A Term bus pass is most cost effective for passengers travelling more than 40 trips per term. Bus tickets and registration are below. 


Click here to purchase a Term 1. 2018 bus pass (N/A)

Click here to purchase a 20 Trip bus pass for 2018 (N/A)

Note: The default bus route is Bus Route 1 to Clayfield. Please ensure you purchase a bus pass for the registered bus route.


Click here for the Bus Registration for 2018 (N/A)

Complete this form to log your son's pick-up and drop-off bus stops (only required once for the school year).  


If you have purchased a 20 Trip bus pass, your son will be notified to collect his pass from his school office (Junior School Office, Middle School Office or Main Reception) with 48 hours of purchase. No bus pass is issued for Term pass holders.

Bus Service Expectations

Inappropriate, unacceptable or dangerous behaviour will be reported to BBC by the bus driver. No student is permitted to stand/sit in the aisle or double up on a seat. Brisbane Boys' College reserves the right to temporarily suspend, or withdraw the bus service from those students engaged in misconduct or poor behaviour.

The bus driver is unable to wait for a student who is late, as this would cause other students on the bus to be late to school.

If the bus is late arriving at the pick-up/drop-off point, parents are asked to wait 15 minutes after the due time before contacting the school or bus company. Traffic delays can occur and affect the running times of the buses. All BBC buses are fitted with a GPS tracker.

Upon registration, all parents and passengers agree to the Bus Service Conditions.