A word from our Headmaster

Brisbane Boys’ College founder, Mr Arthur Rudd, believed that education was the key to human progress and in the more than 100 years since our school’s foundation in 1902, a host of educators with flair and commitment have carried out the important task of moulding young men into gentlemen of honour.

So many young men have gone through the doors of BBC and have left as competent and confident adults, prepared to face the many challenges of a changing world. 

The boys who are about to enter our College come with unlimited potential, and it is our responsibility as educators to nurture their God-given talents to enable them to achieve personal excellence. We all have our dreams and that’s what makes life exciting. I often say to boys “Dream your dream and pursue it with a passion. Never let anybody tell you that you can’t do it, and above all, never, never give in.”

I believe in all of our boys and I am committed to our Strategic Plan which has as its core, ‘All About the Boy’. I love working with boys because they have boundless enthusiasm, a wonderful sense of humour, incredible loyalty, almost inexhaustible energy and a ‘never say die’ commitment to success.

My experience has been that when an adult shows confidence in an adolescent, that confidence is not just reciprocated, it is returned with interest. As Headmaster I have the great good fortune to build on a wonderful tradition of achievement at Brisbane Boys’ College and to encourage the next generation of our students to be the best people they can be.

It is this challenge which fires my imagination and I am indeed fortunate to work with many committed educators who ensure that the current group of students at the College will go on to write exciting new chapters in the history of our school.

I am pleased that you have taken a moment to come and visit our website and I encourage you to look carefully at all of the programs that are on offer at BBC, which is truly a world of opportunity for young men.

Mr Graeme McDonald